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Get to know Huaren Linen Group, a top linen fabric supplier from China since 2003.


Huaren Linen Group headquarters are located in Harbin (production HQ) and Shenzhen (sales HQ), China. We have offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and three overseas offices in US, UK, Japan, India and Bangladesh as well. As a vertical setup linen mill, our services include yarn spinning, greige goods weaving, yarn dyeing, yarn dyed fabric weaving and finishing for yarn dyed fabric. Monthly capacity is 1 million meters for spinning and yarn dyeing, and 2 millions for piece dyed with our sub-contract mill. Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, a new-built garment factory named Executive Attire Ltd (EAL) was invested by Huaren and Liantex (Huaren's sister company, which has more than 10 years experience in garment industry).


Focus on linen and relevant products for more than 10 years, we maintain close relationship partnership with many customers worldwide. We are the main supplier for many famous brands in US and Europe, as well as a lot sourcing/trading companies and garment factories. 


Huaren Linen is an innovation-driven company. We focus on new product development for every season and always lead the latest trend/technology in this field. Nowadays, we have applied patents for our linen stretch fabric and 100% linen wrinkle resistance fabric, and still on the way in developing. We would like to use our ability in innovation to satisfy your every request and provide you the best quality at the same time.

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